The Joint Strategic Defense Force are a rare bunch of guys. Our community is the best around.
We have grown from the infamous Coldstream Guards. Instead of being a British unit we are now a Nato unit.

Do you like playing Arma for the love of the game, instead of this hardcore realism crap?
If yes we have a home for you. Playing the game seriously and for fun. Many different roles to learn and assets to use. Always intense. Always fun. Always chaotic

JSDF is capable of global deployment in areas of conflict be it conventional or asymetric warfare.

It has a flexible mainforce backed by air and armoured assets.
Special operations can be undertaken with a dedicated Special Forces Assault Squad.

Think you have what it takes to join us?

If so, come see what it's all about!

We do regular custom made private operations every single week and are always looking for players to join our unit!